Customer focused leadership drives retention and improved CX

Brita’s commercial water filter products are already best in class. We helped them find their flow with their customer experience too.

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“Customers are commenting that they can see things are changing, we’re receiving more positive comments about the service they are receiving”

Customer Service Director

The challenge

With a 2019 customer experience survey revealing some uncomfortable results around meeting SLAs, speed of response and quality of communication, it was time to act before customers began looking for the exit door.

Our diagnostic revealed part of the challenge was poor hand over between the customer facing teams, leading to mismatched understanding of what customers’ required and lack of ownership for solving customer problems. On top of this, a siloed approach across departments added to the lack of consistency in the customer experience.

The solution

A customer focused approach that worked for both domestic and commercial customers. The intention was to empower and enable service centre and field-based teams to deliver a consistent experience and improve cooperation and understanding.

The first step was shaping a new CX narrative so both teams had clarity around what good customer experience looked like and were sharing a common language. A workshop based solution gave both teams an opportunity to learn and try out CX skills in a safe environment. This was supported by a manager coaching masterclass coupled with CX climate sessions to enable them to embed and sustain new skills.

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