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We collaborated with the world’s largest independent cancer research organisation to design and develop a unique, effective management development solution for their modern workplace.

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"Really great introduction to techniques which I can use to empower my team and support their development."

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The challenge

CRUK sought an effective management development solution for modern workplace learning within their broader L&TD ecosystem.

Their goal was to provide a unique development offer that cut through the noise and guided colleagues toward the right learning pathway. Critically, they wanted an approach that engaged people in enhancing their personal performance to maximise their impact at CRUK.

The aim was to create a collaborative partnership team to design and develop an interlinked core skills curriculum and management development programme.

The solution

We developed suite of 15 learning bundles comprising 180-minute topic modules, priming activities and a digital nudge toolkit.

This comprehensive offering is designed to equip managers with values-focused skills, knowledge and behaviours. Leveraging universal access through CRUKs LMS system, our solution utilised FUSE as a power hub to drive and coordinate individual learning.

Employing an iterative proof of concept design approach, topic bundles were collaboratively created, tested and refined, ensuring the incorporation of internal expertise and existing content into a fully branded solution.

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