Aspiring Leaders

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“Really useful to discuss common issues and share good ideas with other colleagues”

The challenge

Committed to upskilling people from a career development and succession planning perspective, Coleg Cambria wanted a learning partner to help them create an experiential, ILM accredited aspiring leaders programme.

Coleg Cambria saw the value in building learning that drew on insight from a range of external sources to add richness and relevance beyond an educational lens.

Their challenge lay in identifying a partner who had operational experience within and outwith their sector and who could enable people to act and behave in a similar way to leaders in commercial environments.

The solution

An in-depth diagnostic revealed divergence between departments, inertia about acting on things that prevent change and a lack of joined up thinking making it hard for aspiring leaders to transition between roles.

Our solution focused on blending foundational leadership content with specific skill development starting with a mindset shift. Learning modules were supported by coaching pods that brought people together in cross-campus groups to discuss and solve common issues and share learning.

By creating a common understanding of what it means to be a leader, programme design focused on building skills to lead and influence others and developing agility.

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