A successful field sales programme for earthlings

Mobile & internet provider EE needed to get a new field sales team confident enough to step out and connect with customers. Elev-8 met the challenge.

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"… loved the direct and approachable style … the pods are a good chance to unpack challenges and learn … really useful to get practical feedback from peers that can be actioned."

The challenge

Looking to tackle declining retail footfall, EE’s strategy focused on taking the store out of the high street and bringing it into the heart of the community.

With an ambitious 6-week timeline to get a newly recruited field sales team to a place of confidence and high competency. EE looked to Elev-8 for expertise in developing the skills and mindsets that drive performance in this tough role.

Their ask was for a pragmatic and impactful approach that helped their team overcome the fear of making house calls, connect quickly with potential customers, and enable value-based conversations.

The solution

An immersive 1-day application-led approach followed by a laser focus on in-field coaching with managers and consolidated in learning pods to unpick and work through challenges.

Our light-touch discovery revealed 7 key skills and 3 mindsets would drive successful performance for the field sales team. 

Workshop design was structured on developing the skill needed at each stage of the customer conversation through knowledge transfer followed by immediate practice (‘feel the fear’).

Managers are supported with a nudge toolkit to help them drive momentum and unlock performance over the subsequent 15 weeks.

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