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Chief People Officer

The challenge

Looking to build a series of incisive and connected modules as part of a defined talent development programme, Harvey Nash needed targeted support at pace.

The L&D team had two priorities: Firstly, it was important that learning modules were integrated into a wider programme and had longevity for future HiPo cohorts.  Secondly, there needed to be flexibility in design so modules could build on identified strengths or gaps.

As a development pathway already in flow, the L&D team were looking for a partner with the right expertise and a collaborative approach to work in partnership with them.

The solution

An end-to-end 3 step methodology that puts individuals in full control of their learning linked to personal strengths and gaps.

Focusing on identifying untapped potential and boosting creativity, we integrated a Strengthscope® assessment into pre-work providing each person with a full report on where they should focus their time and energy.

The 3 step approach was underpinned by a flipped learning approach. HiPos were set up with pre-learning to transfer knowledge followed by immersive 3.5 hour modules focusing on practical application of skills and knowledge, the final embedding stage featured self-directed toolkits and coaching.

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