Quality conversations are grape conversations

Fruit smoothies are the big sellers for Innocent Drinks, and when the company needed a blended solution to start the right conversations, we got the mix right.

Leaders and specialist managers
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“I’m making time for quality conversations and more specifically, making time to think about the conversations I need to have”

"I now don’t wait and hope that the tough stuff will just go away"

The challenge

A super cool workplace reflecting the vitality of a household brand. The ask was for a blended solution to equip managers to bring to life their culture through the quality of their everyday conversations.

Authenticity is the heartbeat of Innocent Drink’s culture and The Bored [sic] (top team) are pivotal to ensuring it pervades conversations between colleagues as well as suppliers and customers.

Aiming for a powerful aesthetic aligned with their unique branding, Innocent wanted distinctive learning materials that signalled ‘this is business in a fun environment’.

The solution

A creative and blended workshop approach that was very experiential in style. The Grape Conversations programme was created to meet the needs at managers at all levels and started by getting the senior team involved.

A 90-minute panel for The Bored set the tone for this flexible solution with in-person, 180-minute sessions for managers to develop capability in having the right conversation at the right time.

Embedding activities were led by the internal team supported by a toolkit of bespoke resources.

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