Senior team lead the way on the DE&I agenda

We helped Mercedes-Benz accelerate their DE&I capability and become a more inclusive business, working at a senior team level.

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“I used to very quickly skip over the topic of D&I, but because of this programme I now actually take the time to have these conversations."

“An excellent thought-provoking programme”

The challenge

With DE&I already on the agenda, the exec and senior leadership team wanted to create a culture where people experienced an inclusive environment across the business.

With much of the ground work already done, they wanted to develop the skills and mindsets to raise awareness across the business and lead in an inclusive way.

The imperative was to set the tone for DE&I to become part of the cultural DNA at Mercedes ensuring people acted with integrity from a legal and moral standpoint as well as recognising the performance and competitive advantage it created.

The solution

By doing the work at a senior team level, we were able to accelerate their timetable for strategy roll-out.

Through familiarisation work we established where the team were on their DE&I journey. Bespoke content was designed and delivered as 2 virtual sessions to fill knowledge and skills gaps. Embedding support was fulfilled through coaching pods to drive momentum, accountability and action.

“A great eye opener that made me think a great deal”

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