Grab n’ go learning creating development opportunities

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"This is the best training I’ve ever delivered within Mitie"

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The challenge

With a multi-disciplinary and dispersed workforce comprising 80,000 people, Mitie had a complex organisational challenge in providing effective learning opportunities.

To address this, they wanted to leverage their internal community of Learning and Development (L&D) professionals and Human Resources (HR) Business Partners to facilitate training.

Where they needed help was in curating topic content and assembling facilitator grab n’ go resources to enable the team to easily access and deliver learning.

The solution

A flatpack concept addressed both proactive and reactive responses to training needs, specifically targeting agnostic management fundamentals.

Learning bundles were structured around our “prime, learn, embed” methodology, providing trainers with comprehensive resources to successfully deliver 90-minute, outcome-focused sessions and learners with a structured 3 step experience.

Implementation involved a four-step Train the Trainer (TTT) upskill on how to effectively conduct the sessions with a facilitator guide ensuring consistency and quality in the delivery of training across Mitie.

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