Enabling performance through coaching

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The challenge

Mitie had identified a need to shift away from the default method of ‘telling’ to get things done. They wanted to promote a culture where people took ownership of managing their work.

Recognising a gap in essential coaching skills among many leaders, Mitie sought expertise to develop practical ways to support them using their HRBPs to deploy learning.

The request was for a short, accessible and scalable intervention with the goal of assisting leaders develop a personal coaching approach and understand their role in making conversations a safe and essential part of everyday activities.

The solution

A half day hot house session for HRBPs to set them up as ambassadors for leading a purposeful charge towards coaching as a way of leading others.

It provided a repeatable solution for sharing powerful tools, methods and concepts to encourage leaders to adopt coaching as a routine approach for developing diverse needs and enhancing performance.

With an emphasis on making a realistic and sustainable change in leadership behaviour, key outcomes focused on empowering HRBPs to support leaders overcome self-imposed and organisational barriers to coaching. It has established coaching as an integral element of leadership at Mitie.

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