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The challenge

There is no shortage of senior people wanting to become mentors at Mitie, the challenge was a lack of consistency in mentee experience and a lack of clarity around what was involved for both parties.

There was an urgent need to establish a defined framework that set out the pathway for mentees, ensured mentors were all adopting a similar approach and enhanced the overall mentoring experience.

The goal was to create a structured programme that leveraged existing resources but also introduced new elements and a fresh perspective.

The solution

A two part intervention for senior leaders with intentional practice sandwiched between sessions.

A prime objective was to create clarity and uniformity to the mentorship process aligning the efforts of mentors and mentees for a more effective leadership development strategy.

Recognising that individual development journeys are unique; it was important to give mentors the tools to share and contextualise their experience in a flexible way. This was achieved by sharing approaches to help mentors engage, enable and empower mentees to strive for more and unlock their full potential.

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