Leaders' role-modelling what a better business looked like

We built a programme for the infrastructure arm of this major construction group to unify its leaders, aimed at transforming its business culture and behaviour.

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The challenge

Looking to transform their business, the exec team wanted to tackle and set fresh standards to address behavioural challenges first.

Recognising that they shadow they cast as a leadership team was instrumental in defining culture and behavioural norms, a key starting point was around acting as ‘one’ themselves.

Their aim was to create a consistent and united understanding of ‘what good looks like’ and power it with skills development that translated into ‘better business’ mindsets and behaviours.

The solution

A detailed familiarisation fed into design of a practical, 4-day leadership development programme.

Roll-out focused first on the top 125 leaders with a second population of 200 leaders going through a condensed version of the learning in the next wave.

Results were immediate and palpable with the first groups becoming an inspiration for others by role-modelling key behaviours and skills to drive whole business change and experience.

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