Customer-focused leaders drive transformation

Riverside had a vision that customer service should run through the lifeblood of their organisation. We helped them bring that vision to life.

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Senior Leader, Riverside Housing

The challenge

Having redefined their values and vision to bring customers to the heart of everything they do under the banner of One Riverside Way. The leadership team recognised that they needed to initiate the change required.

A persistent culture of negative language and lack of curiosity meant that problems were not being identified driving customer call-backs and dissatisfaction.

The challenge lay in translating the customer-focused strategy into a business-as-usual approach that brought their values to life.

The solution

Aligned to their people plan and values, our approach developed the core leadership behaviours that show up in high performing customer-centric organisations.

Starting by creating a new narrative we worked with leaders to develop their skill in sharing the story in a human and relatable way.

Secondly, as lynchpins for driving transformation, formal learning focused on how to lead and support people through change as well as delivering the fundamentals for creating a team climate that enables high engagement and a customer-focused approach.

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