Customer focused leadership drives retention and improved CX

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“Customers are commenting that they can see things are changing, we’re receiving more positive comments about the service they are receiving”

Customer Service Director

The challenge

Recognising that the retail landscape was changing and in the context of reduced footfall, fierce competition and increased attrition, a new vision for what good looked like was required.

To achieve this, Virgin Media Retail wanted a leader-led solution that upskilled in-store sales teams around three core parameters:

  • Driving sales

  • Engaging people

  • Improving operational performance

The solution

With a focus on enhancing in-store customer experience, our discovery revealed a range of leadership approaches across the Regional Manager population was leading to different outcomes.

By creating Role Blueprints at Regional Manager, Store Manager and Sales Team Leader levels we were able to bring a unified view of what good looked like. This was supported by workshops to develop the craft of sales coaching focused on sales floor leadership and the importance of experience engineering.

Sustainability was delivered through in-store consolidation and a robust train-the-trainer.

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