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Wickes wanted help in closing their sales performance gap. We identified and rolled out the nine high performer ‘silver bullets’ resulting in a £67m uplift of turnover (or 5,900 ROI).

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“Silver Bullets is our new 'WAY OF LIFE' and has changed the way we do business.”

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The challenge

This £1.5bn home improvement business wanted to close the gap on their competitors in a market where customer demand was changing.​

Initially engaged to design and deliver a new induction programme, closely followed by a leader-led pilot to raise sales and service capability in the design population. Our aim was to understand the difference in behaviour of high and low performers and use that to raise performance across the group.

The solution

We uncovered the nine top-performing skills that could be replicated across 525 design consultants, and upskilled regional and store managers to develop these skills at team level to drive a consistently high-performance standard.

By understanding why they had a major sales value discrepancy between individual design consultants, our analytical approach revealed the nine common traits consistently used to drive the most successful sales outcomes. The programme replicated these across their UK estate with managers playing a massive role in coaching and building capability at store level.

“Certain things I learnt will go into my daily work e.g. being positive and organised”

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