Conversation skills

Developing effective communication skills that shape our personal and professional lives.

Great conversations are at the centre of every thriving culture. The quality of your company culture reflects the quality of the conversations that take place within your organisation.

Whether it’s a casual corridor chat, a performance conversation or a heated team meeting, the way people interact within your business is in large part, responsible for its performance, good or bad.

Transform your company culture with powerful conversations

Conversations are the key to creating trust, efficiency, and implementation, as well as better and faster decision-making. Avoiding or mishandling conversations in daily interactions often leads to sub-optimal business results.

Our conversation skills training is rooted in the pillars of great conversations:

  • Transparency – sharing data, thoughts and feelings and addressing problems head-on.
  • Curiosity – genuine interest in diverse perspectives to fuel conversation, spark action and drive change.
  • Accountability – committing to agreed standpoints and being open to challenging or changing opinions.
  • Compassion – listening and learning from others, non-judgmentally.

Our comprehensive approach to developing conversational skills

Conversational fundamentals

We have a proven track record of equipping individuals with the mindsets and skills necessary for effective communication, leading to enhanced performance, collaboration, and inclusion.

Brave conversations

Great conversational skills such as confidence and compassion can be learned and refined under our guidance, empowering people to handle any challenging conversation whether it be difficult, courageous, candid or hard to navigate in any way, ensuring positive outcomes.

Team dialogue

We enable leaders and managers to develop their conversational skills so they can create great climates where people collaborate to achieve sustainable performance outcomes. We focus in on the crucial conversations that need to be had, and how leaders and managers can effectively navigate these, with skill.

How we do it

We have an award-winning behavioural change approach that solves business problems and delivers improved results.

Innocent case study

We helped transform Innocent Drinks’ managerial approach, through the ‘Grape Conversations’ programme, created to meet the needs at managers at all levels. We infused authenticity into their daily interactions, aligning learning materials with their fun, distinctive brand identity.

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