Customer experience training

We take customers from deflated to elated!

When it comes to great customer experience, nothing trumps the human element. Garnering deep insight into the here and now, we’re all about reigniting the power of the human touch – great conversations, genuine empathy, and accountable freedom. Elev-8 transforms customer interactions from routine to remarkable, proving that the best experiences can’t be wholly automated.

Great brands employ the human touch.

Effortless and meaningful – that’s the key for today’s tech-savvy consumers. They crave experiences that not only work seamlessly, but also spark a connection with them as human beings. Great technology alone isn’t enough; they seek genuine empathy, kindness, and care woven into every interaction.

In a competitive market where consumers can buy virtually anything with three clicks and broadcast their opinion about products and customer service within seconds, our approach is to build human-centric customer experiences through great people supported by clever technology.

We’ll help you determine how to make your customers’ journey frictionless and ensure your customers feel cared for at every step.

Our approach to transforming your customer service

Cultivate a climate of brilliant buying experiences

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and create a climate where the customer is at the heart of everything you do. This is key to customer acquisition and retention. How can this be achieved? It all comes down to the mood and prevailing mindset of your customer teams. The best customer service comes from teams who really do value and consider the customer, so that is where the focus of customer experience training must lie.

Shift and reframe mindsets

We know that creating that optimum customer care climate requires changing how the team members think and behave. Change is difficult, but results come from encouraging individual team members to “think customer” and empathise with those they are serving and providing support for. Shifting the mindset makes it easier for customer service agents to serve in an effortless, personalised, empathetic, ethical, and human way.

Understand the skill set

Great service is delivered by highly skilled people who are equipped to perform at the highest level. Our experience and expertise has allowed us to know what customers want and need, and we ensure your team understands and masters the relevant skills, particularly in the field of ever-advancing technology. We deliver measurable results for enhancing customer experience by creating the perfect balance of the will and skill to succeed.

How we do it

We have an award-winning behavioural change approach that solves business problems and delivers improved results.

Taking customer experience from good to extraordinary

MHBS committed to ensuring their brokers had a best-in-class CX experience. We helped them to achieve just that!


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