How we do it

Elev-8’s bespoke learning solutions are based on understanding how your business works. We use our expertise to drive change and apply our proven methodologies to deliver results at a behavioural and cultural level.

The true differentiator that underpins our success is how we deliver our solutions and collaborate with clients to shift the dial on their business’ performance.

We can help you in three ways.


As specialists in creating bespoke learning across all our propositions, our solutions drive behavioural change that delivers meaningful performance improvement.​ Our expert design team build learning tailored to your people and the landscape they operate in.​ Our solutions are pragmatic and provide participants with tools and approaches that are easy to adopt back in the live environment.​

We help your people to learn and deploy the skills and behaviours they need to deliver next level performance.​


We recognise that people and organisations may be time-poor, so we can deliver our learning flexibly, to suit your business. Whilst full day workshops suit many organisations, for others they simply aren’t possible. So, we also offer bite-size learning experiences. These take the best from our full day workshops, but are distilled  down into shorter sessions, delivered over time which work around the constraints and challenges of working life.​ Bite-size interventions have the added benefit of making knowledge retention and behavioural change easier in time-poor environments.​ However we deploy in your business, every experience is steeped in behavioural science and psychology using tried and tested content that is regularly reviewed to include the latest thinking.​


If you’re looking for truly transformational outcomes, we can either be your changemakers, or integrate seamlessly with an existing programme. With participant experience front and centre, we apply the right approach at the right time and ensure change is sustained by layering learning with a cultural wrapper.​ What you get is a fully supported, blended solution delivered as an end-to-end programme, including robust governance and communication that results in performance uplift beyond a ‘just training’ approach.

We’re different. Our learning works.

Here's our proven three stage Elev-8 experience that elevates people performance:


We are forensic when it comes to finding the winning approach for you. Our discovery gives us insight into what is working well and what’s causing barriers or friction. We pinpoint where to focus development for maximum impact and performance change and identify ROI opportunities.


We create immersive learning experiences that deliver sustained change. Our delivery teams are credible, seasoned experts – they develop, challenge, and engage to ensure learning is effective. What you get is a blended format programme (face-to-face, virtual, and digital), designed to create the change you want to achieve, in a way that will land with maximum impact in your business.


If you want to improve results, you need to change what people are doing. The importance of embedding learning cannot be understated. For us, learning goes way beyond the classroom. The magic happens back in the live environment, with the support of peers and colleagues, in a genuine team climate focused on fostering development.

We structure our training using our tried and tested learning methodology


Up-front engagement with self-led activities following a read, watch, do structure. They take minimal time to complete and include a range of mediums to suit different learning styles.


Pragmatic and immersive modules comprising clustered topics focused on building capability where it’s needed with models and techniques that can be applied immediately back in the workplace.


A range of workplace support activities and tools to support the application of skills, work through challenges and celebrate successes.

Our approach works with the needs of your business.

Our delivery modalities for engaging learning experiences:


Engaging, pragmatic learning sessions focused on creating the mindset shift and learning new skills delivered by first-class facilitators. We balance fun and creativity with challenge and support, so delegates leave with skills they can apply immediately back in the workplace. All underpinned by our pre- and post- learning activities.


Our virtual learning is blended, multi-media and highly interactive. It can be delivered through bite sized sessions, webinars or as an alternative to half day, or all-day face to face sessions. We ensure that learners have the opportunity to explore key topics, in an experiential and safe environment. Pre- and post-learning activities sustain the learning beyond the virtual session too.


We design bespoke digital tools and resources that embed the shift in behaviour from our face-to-face and virtual learning sessions. We build unique digital learning content, complimented with physical toolkits that can be deployed by us or through your own platform.

Not just happy sheets. We measure the success of your programme across key metrics:

Most training organisations aim to evaluate and measure the impact of their programmes for clients. Very few can demonstrate that they have truly shifted key business KPIs at the scale we can. We have a proven track record in delivering fantastic results, so you can be confident you’ll get a great return for your investment.​

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