Management development

Transforming managers into inspirational leaders

It’s a common misconception: Excel in your role, and you’ll naturally excel in leading others. But here’s the twist – management is an art in itself.

At Elev-8, we don’t just train managers; we transform them into leaders who lead, inspire, drive performance, bringing out the best in their teams. Our approach goes beyond traditional training – it’s about unlocking potential, navigating complexities, and creating a ripple effect of excellence across your organisation.

Management takes more than natural career progression

In the usual course of events, if you’re exceptional at the job you’re doing, you’ll likely be promoted into a role where you manage others. Because you’ll be able to help them excel too…right?

We’ve conducted hundreds of diagnostics in FTSE 250 organisations, and we can confidently tell you that even though someone may be a top performer in a role, taking on a management position requires new thinking and skills.

Being a manager is tough. Being the buffer between frontline staff and a company’s senior leaders, a manager needs to be able understand, translate, organise, and motivate people to achieve more, better, and faster, together. All this while juggling their own workload, maintaining team harmony, and satisfying competing demands from on high.

We’re here to fill the gaps in a manager’s knowledge about how to grow people, drive performance for the business and implement necessary changes in the organisation simultaneously.

Our award-winning approach to management development

Blended bespoke solutions

Drawing on our widespread diagnostic research into management behaviours our expert team will assess your company’s needs and challenges and craft a bespoke management development programme for you. Our unique programme design approach is based on our proven learning methodology, backed by behavioural science and psychology.

Short, sharp training sessions

We realise that managers are busy, so we structure our learning delivery to meet operational requirements. Distilling learning into short sessions also has the advantage of allowing participants to be more focused and less likely to be overwhelmed with information. We find this supports both retention and long-term behavioural change.

Unleash leadership potential

Sometimes competent managers will suffice. Sometimes, they need a boost to become more visionary leaders or changemakers. Our transformative management development approach takes managers to the next level. We ditch the stale learning theories and delve into real-world scenarios, equipping your managers with the mindsets, skills, and behaviours to not just thrive today, but to navigate the future. See and feel the shift in your leadership team as it exudes a newfound confidence, agility, and a deep commitment to driving positive change.

How we do it

We have an award-winning behavioural change approach that solves business problems and delivers improved results.

Raising the learning game for new and in-life managers

As a growing global automotive technology business, born out of a significant merger, Keyloop wanted a learning approach to enable the team that sat behind new brand powerhouse, delivered internationally. Find out how we took their management development for people leaders to another level!


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