New starter induction training

It’s time to rethink onboarding and induction.

It’s time to transform your inductions to engage, empower and retain top talent. Gone are the days of ‘meh’ induction processes. In the race for top talent, first impressions count. Our training redefines the onboarding experience, turning it into a powerful engagement tool. We’re not just introducing your new hires to the workplace; we’re immersing them in your culture, equipping them with the tools for success, and setting the stage for long-term retention and growth.

Failed inductions cost companies £millions.

Over 50% of the individuals recruited into an organisation are likely to leave within two years, and 25% of new recruits resign within the first six months. This trend underscores the importance of effective induction in engaging and preparing employees to succeed in their role, with alignment to your organisational goals and culture. So, beyond the technical aspects of a role, a great induction also needs to align to the values of your business; how we show up round here!

Inductions should be bringing you engaged, competent employees who are attuned to your goals and ready to perform… yet so many fail to achieve this and often inductions are a bit ‘meh.’

Robust new starter induction training is a critical way to engage and retain the best people… and we specialise in transforming these crucial first steps from ‘meh’ to amazing!

“69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years or more if they experience great onboarding.”

OfficeVibe’s State of Employee Engagement report

What we do: our approach to induction training

Onboarding and induction rebuild with cultural change wrapper:

We redesign your induction process to foster a welcoming and productive environment from day one. Our immersive and practical approach ensures new starters quickly gain confidence and competence, leading to reduced attrition and enhanced productivity.

Onboarding and induction rebuild:

If you already have a positive workplace climate, we collaborate to refine your onboarding and induction strategy. Our blended approach integrates system, process, technical, and behavioural skills, contextualising the new hire experience to their role.

Induction redesign hothouse:

Collaborating with your team, we develop a comprehensive induction framework, transferring our expertise in best practice design techniques. This approach results in a reusable, end-to-end induction framework for your business.

How we do it

We have an award-winning behavioural change approach that solves business problems and delivers improved results.

Invest in effective induction training

Our approach to induction training is designed to quickly bring new starters to competency, ensuring they are engaged and inspired to excel. If you’re looking to improve your onboarding process or struggling to retain new talent, get in touch to discover how our proven methods can benefit your organisation.

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