Sales team development

We applaud people who want to be in sales. It’s tough, but it’s the lifeblood of any company. So why do most sales environments foster only a handful of brilliant performers who outshine the rest? How do you keep them being brilliant and how do you unearth the hidden talent of medium or low performers? 

We know how to drive sales and boost your performance.

A strong sales team is the lifeblood of a business

In the competitive landscape of sales, the difference between average and top-performing teams can significantly impact your business. While a handful of brilliant performers often outshine others, the real challenge lies in elevating the entire team’s performance. We understand that in sales, it’s not just about individual talent but about creating a cohesive team that excels together.

Our experience of working with thousands of sales professionals has shown us that top performers possess distinct mindsets and skills. At Elev-8, we focus on harnessing these traits and spreading their influence across your entire team. Whether it’s improving inbound or outbound sales calls, enhancing customer retention, or boosting lead generation, cross-sell, and upsell efforts, we equip your sales leaders and their teams with the skills and mindset needed to drive tangible results.

Adapting to sales challenges.

The sales landscape is evolving rapidly, with customer behaviours and expectations changing more swiftly than ever. In an era where customers are well-informed and value-driven, traditional sales tactics no longer suffice. Sales teams must adapt to these changes, focusing on creating value and meaningful experiences for customers.

A new skill set for sales success.

The key to thriving in today’s sales environment is to move beyond outdated methods and embrace a new skill set. This involves understanding what modern buyers seek in their purchasing journey and aligning sales strategies accordingly. Our approach to sales team development is rooted in this understanding, ensuring your team is well-equipped to meet and exceed these evolving expectations.

Our winning approach to sales team development

Build a team climate for brilliant buying experiences.

The key to stellar sales performance? The climate you cultivate for your team. Great sales stem from more than just strategy; they thrive in the right team climate. Forget broad company culture; it’s the team environment that truly resonates with people. Our focus? A tailored, team-by-team approach to develop winning sales teams.

Mindset shift: think, feel, act.

The secret to effective change? It’s all in the mindset. People’s thoughts shape their actions and interactions. To shift from unproductive habits to positive behaviours, we delve into the psychology of thinking. By transforming thought patterns, we pave the way for impactful behaviours and improved workplace climates.

Blueprint for high-performance.

Creating a great buying experience demands a team equipped with the right skills. We pinpoint and enhance high-performing behaviours, striking the ideal balance between motivation (‘will’) and ability (‘skill’). This approach doesn’t just aim for success; it ensures it, delivering measurable and meaningful results.

How we do it

We have an award-winning behavioural change approach that solves business problems and delivers improved results.

Critical factors delivering award-winning results

We worked in partnership with one of the UK’s leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers in closing their sales performance gap. We identified and rolled out the nine high performer ‘silver bullets’ resulting in a £67m uplift of turnover (or 5,900% ROI).


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