Team climate: cultivating high-performing environments.

Team climate trumps company culture:

Why culture change rarely works!

Say goodbye to the overwhelming challenge of ‘boiling the ocean’ with company-wide culture change. Embrace a more targeted, effective solution that’s built on proven results and expert insight. 

Unlocking team potential: creating high-performing climates

We understand that the key to organisational success lies not just in a healthy company culture, but in the very heart of your teams. While a robust company culture sets the stage, it often struggles to maintain emotional consistency, especially when scaled across various locations and departments. We specialise in building team climates that are not only high-performing but also sustainable and healthy.

The focus on team climate

Instead of a broad focus on organisational culture, we advocate for the focus to be at an individual team level, and here’s why.

Shifting the culture of an organisation is a bit like trying to turn and oil tanker in a cul-de-sac.

In truth, an individual’s experience of an organisation is largely informed by a relatively small number of people; their boss, their immediate colleagues, and people they interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Every business is made up of many, sub-cultures which is why individuals who work in the same organisation can have very different experiences, and views on what it feels like to work there. On that basis, they’d all describe the ‘culture’ differently.

We know that one of the most effective things to do when undertaking change, is to break it down into manageable parts. We call this shrinking the change.

In culture terms, it’s about driving accountability into each team, where it can be most influenced, but also where the benefits will be felt. Irrespective of hierarchical position, every member of the team can play a role in cultivating the climate in the team they are part of, and that can only be a good thing. Everyone aspires to be part of a great team, right?  

By creating each amazing team climate, the cumulative effect is reflected in what is seen as the culture of the organisation.

Understanding culture and climate

  • Culture as personality: culture is the overarching personality of your organisation, a complex mix of elements that surface in interactions.
  • Climate as mood: team climate is the current mood at the team level, influencing how your people experience culture – their feelings, perceptions, mindset, and choices.

The impact of team climate

The prevailing team climate directly affects colleagues and customers. A positive climate builds engagement, commitment, and effort, influenced by leadership actions, effective communication, and appreciation.

Changing team climates for better cultures

Changing team climates is more feasible than altering company-wide culture. By focusing on team-level interventions, you can initiate a ripple effect across the organisation, enhancing team effectiveness and collaboration.

What we do - enhancing team climate

  • Creating great team climates: we empower leaders and managers to foster collaborative, high-performing team climates, focusing on key actions that drive team success.
  • Team effectiveness: transforming groups of individuals into cohesive, collaborative teams with a shared purpose and agenda.
  • Team coaching: building on our Team Effectiveness Framework, we offer team coaching to inspire exceptional performance through shared purpose, trust, and effective dialogue.

How we do it

We have an award-winning behavioural change approach that solves business problems and delivers improved results.

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