Adam Archer

Commercial Director

Meet Adam, our Commercial Director, the man who keeps the gears of our business machine running smoothly. With his hands firmly on the wheel, Adam ensures that everything from planning to execution is done with precision, foresight, and a keen eye on minimising risk.

Adam’s Approach to Business

What’s Adam’s secret sauce? A straightforward, respectful approach that leaves no room for guesswork – everyone knows exactly where they stand with him. With over 15 years of international project management experience, Adam is a wizard at blending financial acumen, accounting expertise, and effective project and supplier management. His pragmatic way of applying knowledge means operational challenges are met with incisive, practical solutions.

Ensuring Excellence in Delivery

Adam is the guardian of our business-critical matters. Under his watch, client projects not only achieve their performance goals but also adhere to the highest standards of governance and compliance. His service mantra? Making things easy for everyone involved. He’s all about diving deep into research, unravelling complexities, and getting straight to the heart of what needs to be done.

Life Beyond the Office

When the work week winds down, Adam switches gears to family-focused activities. Whether it’s firing up the BBQ or embarking on a new DIY project, he’s always in the midst of action. A self-confessed power tool enthusiast, Adam loves to tackle challenges head-on, whether it’s fixing up something at home or finding solutions at work. And let’s not forget about his beloved cat, a frequent and adorable cameo star in team calls, adding a touch of warmth and whimsy to our virtual meetings.

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