Emily Archer

Client Operations Manager

Meet Emily, our Client Operations Manager, known for her exceptional knack for aligning people with projects. She’s the cornerstone of our associate team management, bringing a unique blend of competence, warmth, and exceptional organisational skills.

Emily’s Professional Touch

Emily shines through as the “go-to” colleague who always greets challenges with a ready smile. Don’t let her relaxed style fool you; she possesses an in-depth understanding of our team’s qualifications, personal attributes, strengths, and passions. This knowledge is key in building strong, trusting, and fruitful client partnerships. Her broad grasp of operational settings is not just theoretical; she applies it effectively in every project she handles.

In addition to her pivotal role in associate liaison, Emily plays a significant role in refining our internal and external processes. Her varied background in both public and private sectors has endowed her with a mature professional integrity. Approachable, cheerful, and amiable, Emily ensures that every project she delivers is done with a smile and a commitment to excellence.

Emily’s Life Beyond Work

When the workday ends, Emily’s love for life shines through. A self-confessed chocaholic, she balances her sweet tooth with a passion for health and fitness. Her love for the outdoors is evident in her frequent pub visits and time spent with her four-legged friends. Emily’s life outside the office reflects her balanced approach to work – a mix of indulgence, well-being, and a deep appreciation for the simple joys of life.

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