Lee Jones

Growth Director

Meet Lee, our Growth Director, a natural-born leader who not only sets high standards but also inspires everyone around him to reach and surpass them. Lee’s inclusive and positive approach to life and work stems from a genuine interest in people, making him a beloved and effective leader.

Lee’s Driving Force

His focus? Devoting his energy to what’s right for the client. With over 20 years of operational experience at the forefront of business, Lee has a keen eye for identifying client needs and a generous spirit when it comes to sharing insights that add immediate value.

Empowering Through Coaching

Lee’s role goes beyond traditional leadership; he’s dedicated to developing and growing people through insightful coaching and sensitive feedback. His success formula is clear: an unwavering commitment to doing whatever it takes to help clients achieve their strategic and operational goals with lasting results.

A Leader Who Listens

Far from being dictatorial, Lee is always open to new ideas and different approaches. His energetic and agile leadership style, combined with a constant focus on client experience, keeps him and his team directed towards achieving exceptional performance outcomes. Lee’s operational insight is a key asset, enabling him to pinpoint necessary organizational changes and help clients stand out through unparalleled customer service.

Life Outside the Office

When the workday ends, Lee’s passion for leadership and teamwork extends to coaching his son’s football team. He’s a fan of relaxing with family and friends, often over a beer and a barbecue, regardless of the weather. And for a fun twist – Lee is also a closet DJ, showcasing his love for music and perhaps a hidden talent for mixing tunes!


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