Miranda Cain

Managing Director

Meet Miranda, our Managing Director, whose 30 years of operational experience in senior roles have been instrumental in shaping her as a leader. Drawing on her decades in business and her lived experience gives her a unique perspective, particularly in the realm of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). Known for her straight-talking, incisive approach, Miranda has perfected the art of getting to the heart of an issue, simplifying complex topics, and defining pragmatic and clear-cut solutions.

Miranda’s Impact

Miranda’s guiding principle is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Whether steering Elev-8’s strategic direction or working directly with our clients, Miranda plays a crucial role. Her clear, constructive, and decisive communication and laser focus on positive outcomes are critical to achieving her ultimate aim: People-focused business outcomes.

Championing Change and Understanding

At the core of Miranda’s work is her commitment to challenging and transforming traditional or complacent thinking. She skillfully balances commercial objectives with a deep understanding of human dynamics to drive outstanding results. Her passion for high-quality dialogue is most evident when she leverages personal experiences to challenge and reshape beliefs, biases, and assumptions. Her approachable and often humorous style helps break down barriers and taboos, encouraging open and transformative conversations.

Beyond Professional Life

Away from work, Miranda’s energy is still evident. A Kickboxing black belt and an avid fan of all things MMA, a few hours of octagon-shaped spectatorship is high on her ‘to-do’ list. As a mother to two daughters, her home life is as vibrant, busy and engaging as her professional life is. Never happier than by the sea, in the sun, travel is top of the agenda, and the next trip is never too far away. Leaving just enough space to indulge in her creative passions, including interior design, fashion, and the arts, all of which add to her multifaceted persona.


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