Rob Clarke

Growth Director

Meet Rob, our Growth Director, renowned for his relentless approach to problem-solving. Delving deep into data analysis and untangling regulatory complexities, Rob is adept at transforming intricate challenges into actionable, impactful insights.

Performance improvement focus

At the core of Rob’s work is his commitment to transforming evidence into meaningful information. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 20 years in leadership, strategic, and operational roles, he has cultivated a vast cross-functional knowledge base. His career is distinguished by sustained performance improvements and numerous accolades across a variety of sectors.

Mastering Complex Environments

Rob’s expertise is particularly pronounced in regulated sectors. Here, he excels in creating behavioural changes that are not only effective but also engaging. His approach combines professional acumen with personal insights, ensuring a thorough and creative resolution to challenges. This approach has been pivotal in building strong, award-winning partnerships with clients.

Rob brings a unique blend of gravitas and confidence, being curious and championing more constructive, progressive ways of working. His operational background underscores the pragmatism and quality he brings to each project, always with a keen focus on a quality outcome.

Growth done differently

Rob’s passion extends to driving growth through innovative marketing and AI-driven strategies. He is at the forefront of our AI strategy and technology adoption, relishing the opportunity to be creative with a medium that differs from the traditional. His approach to growth is not just about expansion; it’s about redefining and enhancing how growth is achieved for both clients and employees.

Life in the fast lane

Away from work, Rob’s love for cars and technology shines through. A self-described “petrolhead,” he weaves his passion into both his personal and (where possible) professional live. He is a father, a crypto enthusiast, and travel junkie millennial with a passion for men’s mental health.


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